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Longrow Peated - Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky - 2022 Edition - Bottle Code 22/165

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Volumen:0.7 Liter|Alkoholgehalt:46.0%|Nicht kühlfiltriert|Ohne Farbstoff

Der Longrow Peated aus der Springbank Brennerei kommt seit 2021 ohne Verpackung.

Bottle Code 22/165

Original Tasting Notes

Nose: Very creamy, vanilla custard. The smoke develops and toasted marshmallows, herbs and rich fruits appear over time.

Taste: Incredibly well balanced – rich and creamy with a slight medicinal hint. The smoke is always present and washes over the palate in waves.

Finish: The gentle smoke lingers and lingers.

Hersteller: J. & A. Mitchell & Co. Ltd. Springbank Distillery, 85 Longrow, Campbeltown PA28 6EX, GB