Clynelish 2011/2020 - 9 Jahre - 2nd Fill Bourbon Barrel - Single Cask Nation

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Cask 800315

Dieser Clynelish reifte 9 Jahre in einem 2nd Fill Bourbon Barrel. Die Abfüllung ist auf lediglich 244 Flaschen limitiert.

Tasting Notes (englisches Original)

Nose: Reminiscent of the sweetie shops of our youth: candy necklaces, Fruit Salad chews, Flying Saucers, and Drumstick lollipops but there’s also a fruitiness (ripe cantaloupe, green apples) with fresh wood shavings around the edges

Palate: Delightful fresh oak and fresh cracked black pepper at first sip gives way to reveal freshly sliced jalapeños, heather honey, and dried mango followed by a building fruitiness (tinned fruit cocktail syrup) as it transitions towards the finish

Finish: Decent length with lingering fruitiness and echoes of the sweets from the nose and the oak from the palate

Über Single Cask Nation (englisches Original):

Founded in 2011 by Joshua Hatton (an American) and Jason Johnstone-Yellin (a Scot), Single Cask Nation is the United States' only independent bottler following the Scottish tradition. Each cask selected is bottled at natural cask strength, free from chill filtering and artificial colour, with the distillery source front and center.

While Joshua and Jason established their reputation with exquisite Scotch selections they also bottle American bourbon, rye, single malt, rum, mezcal, and light whisky (aka American grain whisky). Occasionally we batch a few casks together for small batch releases.

Following the launch of the first UK, European and Asian release at Glasgow’s Whisky Festival in 2019, we are proud to bring our second release to market.

Hersteller: Single Cask Nation, Box 335, Guilford, CT 06437, UK