Classic Rum (Special Edition) 2001/2019 17 Jahre - Bourbon Barrel - Cadenhead (CA)

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Tasting Notes von Cadenhead:

A single cask from the original batch of our Classic Rum Blend created in 2001.
This blend has been maturing in a barrel for 17 years. This consists of pot and column still rums from distilleries throughout the Caribbean.

Nose: Fresh, lemony, raisins, cake mix, dry and nutty, walnuts and almonds.
Taste: Definite Jamaican influence to the front, then some hints of diesel, burnt olive oil, chocolate orange cake and quite waxy.
Finish: Waxiness builds up with soft spice with hoisin sauce.

Hersteller: Cadenhead William Ltd, 9 Bolgam St, Campbeltown PA28 6HZ, UK