Cameronbridge 30 Jahre 1990/2020 - Refill Butt - Old Particular - Douglas Laing (DL)

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Fass DL14180

Von diesem 30 Jahre alten Cameronbridge aus dem Refill Butt wurden lediglich 322 Flaschen abgefüllt.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Hot, melted, sugary and citric butter,à la crêpes suzettes, gentle oak and cereal

Palate: The cereal is more to the fore, with later dark fudge, coffee, and toffee flavours

Finish: Shows Scottish tablet, the gentlest of mixed spices, and late maple syrup (FHL)

Hersteller: Douglas Laing & Co. Ltd. Douglas House 18 Lynedoch Crescent Glasgow G3 6EQ, GB