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Blair Athol 2011/2021 - STRAWBERRY FIELDS - 1st Fill Red Wine Barrique - Uncharted Whisky Co. (UWC)

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Volumen:0.7 Liter|Alkoholgehalt:50.0%|Nicht kühlfiltriert|Ohne Farbstoff

Uncharted Whisky ist ein junger unabhängiger Abfüller aus Schottland, welcher 2020 von Dana und Jack gegründet wurde.

Der STRAWBERRY FIELDS ist ein 10 Jahre alter Blair Athol aus einem 1st Fill Red Wine Barrique.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Pronounced fruity aromas are immediately detectable followed by oak, strawberry jam, a touch of chocolate and warmth of spice.
Palate: A quick strike of cracked black pepper fills the mouth and quickly dissipates. A softer red fruit and sweetness oozes onto the palate. Unctuous and rich jam, chocolate and dried fruits follow close behind. A touch of leather, oak and a hint of vanilla meander through.
Finish: The warmth remains a long time in the mouth accompanied by the more mature chocolate and leathery tones. A drying spice lingers on.

Inverkehrbringer: Sebastian Becker, deinwhisky.de, Zum Windpark 16, 14929 Treuenbrietzen